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elderly is a web application designed to connect seniors living independently with volunteers who provide assistance with everyday tasks.


James Moore
Austin, Texas

When my family is too busy to help me go to the grocery store, elderly can find me a volunteer in my city that can assist me whenever I need. I just adore this awesome service!

Anna Smith
Austin, Texas

I am 82 years old and still live by myself. I have 2 sons that also live in Austin and help me run errands from time to time. This service is great when my kids are busy and can't help me. When I need help running an errand, my kids just request a volunteer from elderly to come help me.

Manny Garcia
Austin, Texas

Elderly gives me a way to keep living independently without putting a huge burden of care responsibilities on my family. It is so easy to search and connect with local volunteers; my family and I are greatful for this service!